What To Expect

Along your financial journey, you have likely surrounded yourself with various financial professionals who manage portions of your finances and assist in making individual financial decisions. As a result, you are left to manage the big picture on your own, which can be daunting. At Coltiva Wealth, we strive to become your ‘Personal Financial CFO.’ This allows us to oversee all elements of your plan and help you as the Financial CEO to make the best decisions possible efficiently, quickly and with confidence. Here is how we get there:
  • Discovery
  • Identity
  • Educate
  • Implement Strategies
  • Monitor
  • Prosper

Our process begins with a introductory meeting. We believe that our professional relationship should be rooted in mutual understanding and trust. We want to get to know you while learning more about your financial goals, aspirations and concerns.From there, we will educate you on how our firm operates, our planning and strategy development as well as our investment philosophy and process.

Once we agree to take the next step together, we will confidentially collect your pertinent information, statements, and risk tolerance in order to properly and carefully analyze your current wealth position. By fully understanding your current financial standing and any risks in the way of achieving your goals, we will be equipped to begin our journey towards making confident financial decisions.

Our planning begins with an introduction to our model to help you organize and visualize your current financial position. To help provide direction for future financial decisions, we will introduce our Financial GamePlan designed to organize your finances, decrease risk, increase wealth and enjoyment of that wealth while minimizing impact on your current lifestyle.

With the foundation of our Financial GamePlan, we will develop and present a plan comprised of observations and recommendations for implementation. We will spend time educating you on all aspects of the plan and be sure you are comfortable and confident in moving forward to improve your current and future financial standing.

We will work with you to create a timeline for updating your plan to ensure that you stay on track for achieving your goals and sticking to the GamePlan. Just as professional athletes need continuous coaching to adjust their game plan based on changes to their team as well as the opponent, our team will be there to coach you through the certainty that is change in your life. Clients will typically meet (phone/in person) with us on a quarterly basis to review plan as well as the underlying components driving the plan. We will also recommend meeting during life changing events to ensure your plan evolves with you and your family.

As we work together over your life to achieve your immediate and long-term goals, we will help you define and establish your legacy. One of life’s greatest accomplishments is spending it to pursue something that will outlast you, and we will help you and your family ensure you outlive your life!