The Path to Prosperity process allows us to engage in panoramic financial planning within the context of a long-term relationship with our clients. As we maintain a success working relationship, one where we assist in achieving financial and lifestyle goals, we will consistent and responsibly serve our clients through a multitude of offerings. Rather than making critical financial decisions alone, we strive to become your ‘Personal Financial CFO.’ This allows us to oversee all elements of your plan and help you as the Financial CEO to make the best decisions possible efficiently, quickly and with confidence. Here is how we get there:

  • Acquire and maintain a thorough understanding of each client’s financial goals
  • Update pertinent financial information as life unfolds and needs evolve
  • Carefully determine and periodically review investment risk and timeframe
  • Explain the implications of all recommended financial planning strategies
  • Provide updates as appropriate by appointment, email, mail and phone
  • Meet regularly with clients to review changes to personal financial situations
  • Act as the primary financial advisor and steward of each client’s financial future
  • Coordinate with other strategic professionals when required
  • Treat everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism