What We Do

At Coltiva Wealth, we partner with our clients to help them accumulate, enjoy, and preserve their wealth. We have built a thorough and comprehensive process to help our clients fully achieve all their financial goals and dreams. As trusted fiduciaries, we establish long-term partnerships to help our clients attain financial success.
Our process is all-encompassing, allowing us to advise on all aspects of your finances. The services we provide can be summarized in three categories:




Education is the cornerstone of everything we do at Coltiva Wealth. We will work with you to develop comprehensive plans to give you confidence in your financial decision making. Please find below a listing of the myriad of planning services we specialize in:

    • Development of ‘Financial GamePlan’ teaching steps of wealth building process
    • Regular communication to establish financial goals and develop a timeline for accomplishments
    • Financial overview using comprehensive reporting and planning system
    • Quarterly market commentary and special reports on various wealth management topics
    • Annual planning and investment reviews including cash flow analysis

    • Strategies to minimize taxation on capital gains, estates and ordinary income
    • Free consultation with your tax preparer
    • Recommendations of tax solutions including tax advantaged investments

    • Analysis of your current & future income needs to give confidence to cash flow investing
    • Development and implementation of recommendations to fund your income needs
    • Retirement income stream “strategy sessions” with customized output
    • Recommendations regarding the best distribution strategy for your employer retirement plans and
    • Recommendations regarding appropriate strategy for Social Security payment options
    • Monte Carlo test analyzing 1000s of scenarios to best optimize chances of attaining retirement

    • Analysis of assets and how they work in your current estate plan
    • Free consultation with your estate planning attorney
    • Assistance in transferring assets to your living trust
    • Guidance with the appropriate and necessary steps in the event of the death of a loved one
    • Legacy planning strategies

    • Philanthropic solutions and unique charitable trust planning strategies
    • Education planning to prepare children for college
    • Executive Compensation review of stock options, grants, restricted units, deferred compensation
      and concentrated equity positions to determine tax and cash flow implications
Asset Management
Over the past 20 years, technological advancements have changed the landscape of asset management more so than over the past century. There are more investment options than ever and easier access to establish investment accounts, however managing your portfolio has never been more complicated. In a fast changing world were time is scarce, our clients partner with us to help them establish portfolio’s based not only on past performance. Rather, their investments should be in line with their goals, their loss tolerance and the objectives for those dollars.

    • Complimentary introductory portfolio analysis
    • Financial Strategist to address your investment needs
    • Quarterly market recaps and performance review
    • Design and maintenance of a personalized portfolio appropriate to your needs
    • Recommendations regarding allocation and positioning of assets in retirement plans
    • Review of corporate stock option and employee stock purchase plans
    • Use of Individual equities/bonds, ETFs, and Institutional Mutual Funds to keep fees low
    • Partner with Institutional Money Managers to allow our clients access to top minds in the asset management industry
    • Ongoing due diligence of investments for your protection
    • Faith based and socially conscious portfolio options

    • Evaluation of appropriate retirement plan vehicles based on business type
    • Qualified plan review and comparison
    • SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, 401(k)/403(b) plans, Profit Sharing plans and Defined Benefit plans
    • Deferred compensation plans and non-qualified carve out investment plans
    • Restricted Property Trusts®
The best laid plans can and will go awry if the proper protection mechanisms are not in place. In order for our plans and investments to thrive we must be sure they work under all circumstances. Our focus and expertise on protection reassures our clients that their goals can still be achieved if ‘life happens’ and they are affected by a lawsuit, disability or premature death. By coordinating our protection components with our investment plans, our clients are better prepared to face the many levels of financial risk in their lives.

    • Comprehensive Protection Review including asset and income protection products
    • Life insurance to protect family and replace any needs from lost loved ones
    • Life insurance as a wealth transferring and liquidity tool in estate planning
    • Disability Insurance to protect your income from injury
    • Long Term Care Insurance to protect assets if you become incapacitated
    • Guaranteed growth vehicles to act as volatility buffers in retirement in case of market uncertainty
    • Comprehensive personal policy audits

    • Group insurance benefit packages including health insurance, disability, life, vision and dental
    • Carve out benefits for highly compensated executives
    • Buy-sell valuation and protection plans
    • Key Person valuation and replacement plans