Are you near retirement and want to understand what income your assets can produce for you?

Have you sold a business and need to generate income from your proceeds?

Have you  inherited assets and need help in managing your newly acquired wealth?

Are you facing a major life transition?

What our clients all have in common is their desire to create a work-optional lifestyle and partner with an experienced firm they can trust to help them develop a retirement income plan they can feel good about. Here are the types of clients we do our very best work with.

  • Pre-Retirees
  • Retirees
  • Business Owners
  • Divorcees

How much should you be saving each year and where should it go?
How can you best utilize your 401(k) plan?
Are you concerned that you will have enough for your Kid’s college?
What would you do if something happens to you or your spouse?
How should you structure your mortgage/purchase real estate?
How can you get a head start on maximizing retirement income?

Are you confident that your retirement plan works under all circumstances?

Have you been checking every year to make sure you are still on track for your plan?

What happens if at some point you become incapacitated?

Have your financial advisers collaborated with your estate planning attorney to minimize taxes?

How do you determine whether to draw income from taxable or tax-deferred accounts?

What is the legacy you wish to leave for your family?

Do your benefits effectively retain and reward employees?

Are you in the optimal retirement plan to accomplish your goals, not just your employees?

Are your employees receiving proper education about their benefits?

Do you have a formal exit strategy for your business?

Do you know what your business is worth?

How can you use your business as a tool to maximize personal wealth?

Are you concerned about your financial security post-divorce?

Do you have a sounding board to discuss your financial concerns?

Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of managing your finances by yourself?

Do you have a trusted financial team to help you make important financial decisions?

Have you created a new financial plan to adjust to your financial ‘new normal?’